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Mission statement:

There's no such thing

as too much flavour...

About Us

 Amber's Story: Ever since I was a little girl learning how to cook with my Bubby, I have been passionate about food ever since. For the past 30 years, I have been cooking and providing home cooked meals for friends and family, which has inspired me to do so for others. Upon realizing that life is too short, I decided to follow my dreams and do something I love. Through my love of food, I aim to assist other people by cooking for them, or teaching them how to cook for themselves. 

At Pretend You Cooked, we provide healthy and delicious foods to fulfill everyone's unique tastes.

 1. To take the stress away from hosting​.


2. To provide delicious comfort food and happiness.


3. To teach creative and fulfilling recipes for your daily life. 

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